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Jan-Lukas Pflaum

Data Science | Data Analytics | Machine Learning

Hello! 👋🏼 Glad to see you here! I am Jan-Lukas Pflaum, a Master Student in Information Systems Management at TU Berlin. During the past 5 years I've gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise by working on a wide variety of projects whether it be at university, at work or in my freetime.
Here I will show you a small collection of my projects...

eRoutes: Route Planner for Electric Vehicles

eRoutes is a route planner for electric vehicles that simplifies the planning process by finding the best charging stations along the way.


Machine Learning: Solar Power Forecasting

Short term solar power forecasting based on weather data with Neural Networks.


Berlin Housing Market: Analysis and Dashboard

Analysis of all flats listed on Immo Scout24 and development of an interactive dashboard to find the cheapest flat.

What I do

Take a look at some of the things I love working on.

Data Analytics

I love telling a story based on data. Present a deep and profound analysis to foster insights is one of my favorite skills.

Machine Learning

I create reliable Machine Learning models for different use cases to provide actionable results.

Data Engineering

Collecting and preparing data for Machine Learning algorithms or Data Analytics.

Backend Development

Building robust python backend applications.

Process Optimization

I already solved operational problems and improved business operations to minimize costs and maximize throughput.

Software Design

Creating appealing wireframes and mockups or the conceptual design of systems.

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