Berlin Housing Market Analysis and Dashboard



Finding a flat in Berlin is a big challenge! In a huge city with so many districts, prices and options you can get lost during search. If you are new to the city, how can you find a flat without ending up in Spandau or paying 1000 euros for a shared flat?


The biggest platform for flats in Berlin is Immo Scout24. But on their website there was no possibility to analyse the market and to get a good overview / map on where a cheap flat is listed.


Over the course of 50 days the all listings in Berlin were scraped with a python script and saved to a database once a day. In the end 10.000 listings were saved. The data was analysed with the Tableau Desktop Tool. Different visualizations were created and a Dashboard with an interactive map was created.


Here are the key findings after analysing the data:

Key Findings

  • Searching is most effective on weekdays, not weekends.
  • The Berlin city owned housing associations (Wohnungsbaugesellschaften) and Deutsche Wohnen put many low-priced listings online.
  • Apply as fast as possible, don't wait, as offers are often only online for one day.
  • Price dispersion is very high in popular districts. You should compare several listings there.

The interactive Dashboard


Visualizations (in german)

Landlord Overview: Number of listings


Landlord Overview: Prices


District Overview: Prices


When are new listings uploaded?


How long are the listings online?


Project Name: Berlin Housing Market Analysis and Dashboard
Tech Stack: Python, mongoDB, Tableau Desktop
Year: 2019
Client: University Project
Partner: Felix Schneider, Tahir Ă–gel, Catayoun Azarm